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In the Lewiston Tribune: Transportation study drives summer program

Our students hit the streets this week, visiting several spots in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley that they agreed were traffic problem areas:

  • Bridge and Diagonal intersection, Clarkston
  • Walmart intersection, Clarkston
  • Fleshman Way bridge, Lewiston/Clarkston border
  • Thain and Powers intersection, Lewiston
  • First and Washington intersection (highway/residential), Asotin

While the students were out and about, the Lewiston Tribune caught up with us for this story, published June 27. Reporter Elizabeth Rudd talked with our students (Dana Gilchrist, Rachael Morrow, Dishonna Arnett and Meghan Curtiss) about the traffic problems they chose to study, along with their perceptions of careers in engineering. And photographer Kyle Mills got these excellent shots of STEM students in action.


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