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In the Lewiston Tribune: UI program aims to tune in students to careers in math and science fields

Just as we were gearing up for our two-week community exploration of transportation systems in the Lewiston-Clarkston Valley, our program was featured in the June 13 Lewiston Tribune. Our director, Kirsten LaPaglia, talked with reporter Elizabeth Rudd about our summer video project, “How I Do STEM,” which will showcase our students’ career explorations and interviews with STEM professionals.

Kirsten LaPaglia may have discovered a way to answer the question raised by many high school students about the importance of learning math and science: When will I ever use this in the real world?

The answer, LaPaglia said, is in more careers than many Idaho students – and even their parents – realize, but she’s hoping after this summer that misperception will change. …

Stay tuned here for links to students’ “How I Do STEM” videos and updates from our students as they work through their summer transportation study.