About the Artist

Charity Thompson Egland: Teacher. Slice-of-life journalist, accidental photographer. Equal parts Idahoan and Portlander.

Snapshot Storytelling: I like to approach life, writing and teaching as an artful observer — one who takes mental snapshots of moments and turns them into stories. This blog is an archive of some of my favorite work from recent years as well as a venue for new stories, accidental photography, and updates on my work in journalism and classroom publishing.

In addition to teaching high school English and Spanish, I’ve been a freelance writer for NeighborhoodNotes and a former staff writer for the Vancouver Business JournalNorth Bank and the Lewiston Tribune. In 2009 I was proud to debut Strangers/Extranjeras, the Spanish-English stageplay that I co-authored with Looking for Lilith Theatre Company. I have a Master’s degree in education and a Bachelor’s degree in English and, to keep me laughing at myself, I’ve performed with Mortified. Thanks for stopping by!


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