One mile per hour


Just because a river is moving slowly doesn’t mean it’s not moving at all.

Has anyone else noticed this lately? Sometimes progress is a remarkably slow process. Like the time when my friends decided it would be fun to sail a boat to an island about four miles outside of Portland. We were sailing upriver on a mild day with little to no wind. It took us at least four hours to make the trip. Yep — we were moving at about one mile per hour. It probably would have been faster to jog, or even walk, to the island, had it not been surrounded by water. But we sailed it. And even though it was a long, quieting process, those sails did carry us forward, and the island was beautiful when we arrived near sunset.

All of this is an elaborate way of saying that my work on this blog is slowing down while I’m taking on a new job teaching high school English. I’m thrilled to do the work, but it means that most other things in my life have dropped on the priority list. My Snapshot Stories and Livin’ the Dream interview series are still coming along, but you’ll be hearing from me less frequently than I had expected. I’m putting together interviews and digital media for this site with Tyler Thompson, my audio-savant brother. The results should be pretty great, but we’ll be working more like a slow-cooker crock pot than a microwave oven. In between Livin’ the Dream posts, you’ll likely see a few Rewind stories — pieces I’m digging out of my archive.

To anyone who is frustrated by a slowdown in your creative process, just remember that a lull can be part of progress. Perhaps it’s time for your creative mind to untangle a few snarls. Or grade a few papers. Or get some sleep.


One response to “One mile per hour

  1. Exciting to hear about your job teaching high school English! You are fortunate to find a position in this market. Sounds like you are up to some interesting blogging projects.
    I hear you on the necessary slow down of creativity at certain points. Too bad those day jobs just get in the way sometimes.=)

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