Turning around, heading home

When I started Snapshot Story, my intention was to post short non-fiction stories that either told a story behind a photo or used words to create a snapshot of a moment. Turning real-life moments into art. That went pretty well for me (“For an Anxious Cowdog” remains one of my all-time favorite pieces) but I strayed from it as I got busier with freelance writing, graduate school and student teaching.

In the last week I did an informal survey of friends and readers, asking them what they’d like me to focus on with this blog. The collective short answer was, “Write what you care about. Get personal, be funny, and let us hear your voice already!”

While I don’t intend to make this blog a personal diary, it’s becoming clear that I need to act on the long list of ideas I have for short stories from my own life or from people I know. Basically, I’m getting back to my original intention. So watch for new Snapshot Stories and some Rewind pieces that I wrote in the past.

I’m also putting together an interview series here called “Livin’ the Dream.” It’ll be about people I know who do remarkable things, like running marathons, working as traveling musicians, or getting punched in the face every six months. I aim for it to be equal parts funny and inspiring, and to include audio and video interview excerpts.

If you’ve been reading anything here at all, I thank you, and I hope you’ll enjoy what’s ahead. I know I’m looking forward to it already.


6 responses to “Turning around, heading home

  1. Yes! Please Caridad. Write.. it’s what who you are and one of your gifts that I can enjoy from afar! Virtual hug!

  2. I look forward to reading your work!

  3. pursue it all Charity! love your writing!

  4. rock on writer friend!

  5. Wow Charity. I did not get a chance to know YOU in high school. However, when you recalled something I said as a joke so long ago, I knew you were a keen observer. I can’t wait to read more. Your voice is clear, informative and forward moving. TO be cheesy, if you have a chance to see the Snake Joe River up near avery idaho with the mosiac of brilliant river rocks shining under the current..then you will know how I “see” your voice:)

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