My student featured on

I love me some memoirs. And I love brevity. So when Smith Magazine rolled out the Six-Word Memoir project, I knew it would be part of my life in some way.

Oddly, I’ve never posted my own Six-Word Memoir on But I bring it up in conversation and compose mini-memoirs in my head all the time. It’s a brilliant vehicle for sharing personal stories that are razor-sharp.

This month, as a warm-up for their writing exercises, I started asking my high school English students to write six-word memoirs at the beginning and end of our free-writing sessions. I hoped that my students would eventually find meaning in the practice, and I soon found out that one student had taken ownership of the six-word craft in a way I hadn’t expected.

“Ms. Thompson, I love six-word memoirs!” she said when she came to class one morning. “My mom grounded me from my computer, but I told her I had to log on to SmithMag.”

A week or so later, she came to class radiant.

“People are reading my six-word memoirs now!” she said. “I’m getting comments and people like what I’m writing. One of them recommended that I write posts on”

Today we were preparing for our last day of the in-class state writing test. I was trying to cross a hundred ‘t’s while dotting a thousand ‘i’s before we started our session. But my mentor teacher asked me to pause and hear some good news from this student.

“They gave me the featured memoir of the day!” our student reported.

I was about to tell her how proud I was of her when she showed me the chosen memoir. Now I’m more than proud of her. I am awed. And grateful.


7 responses to “My student featured on

  1. So rad!

  2. These are the moments that let you know you are doing exactly what you are called to do! My mom, the retired teacher, would say, “put that in your feel good file! Every teacher should have one.” great work Caridad!

  3. You are such an admirable woman, Ms. Thompson!

  4. What a beautiful story! I had so many teachers that changed my life and it’s nice to know that my daughter Crystal has teachers that are making a difference in her life.

  5. super like! that’s the best…

  6. and the power of words and great teachers strikes again!

  7. Caridad. I didn’t see the pic of the six word post. So clicked the link. Not sure what to expect. When I read her memoir, I got a bit choked up. This is the coolest thing I’ve seen in a long time. Kinda’ like Guate. Even on the toughest days, there are those Crystal clear moments that let you know you are exactly where you’re meant to be. Paz… which I know you’re feeling pretty deeply, hermana.

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