Neighborhood Notes: 12 new Portland spots to check out

If the last few months are any indication, Portland might be getting a brand-new bird-themed business every 30 days. Aviary opened last month, Little Bird (cousin of Le Pigeon) opened in December, and Branch and Birdie home decor opened in November. All that is great with me. But it proves that “Portlandia” is right about this city and our obsession with putting birds on things. And you know what? I really like bird graphics and I can’t get over it.

All birds aside, my friends at got word of 12 businesses opening in Portland in January. There are plentiful new dining options, including Guild Public House, Sizzle Pie, Girasole Pizza Co. and Panera Cares Community Cafe (a pay-what-you-want shop!). There are also new options for locally made vodka, custom guitars, bicycles and spa pampering.

Here’s a bit of the story…

Listen, Portland people. I don’t ever want to hear any of you complaining about not having anything to eat (accessibility issues aside, natch). Because this city cranks out piles of fanciful food options. Every. Single. Month. That is pretty remarkable. This month your new options include craft vodka, double-decker and vegan pizzas, locally-sourced menus, and, as always, meals and atmosphere with Euro-influence. Not to mention new options for bad-ass bicycles, guitars and spa treatments. Now go forth and live it up!

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3 responses to “Neighborhood Notes: 12 new Portland spots to check out

  1. Since I tweeted this post, does that count as putting a bird on it?

  2. I watched this episode the other day. I didn’t realize that Portland was so big on birds… but I do know how popular that little bird graphic has gotten. You see it ALL OVER wedding stuff (I’ve followed way too many wedding blogs and inspiration boards over the last year and a half. lol).

  3. It’s funny with the bird thing– I think it’s been a slow explosion. I remember first noticing all the animal cut-out stuff at Saturday Market. I totally agree that we’re overdoing it, but at the same time, every time I see something with a bird on it (businesses included) I think, “Oooh! So pretty!”

    For the record, at this very moment I’m wearing a bamboo-fiber shirt with a bird cutout on it. I am totally complicit in this! And I’ve had a bird tattoo for several years. Fortunately, it’s not a stencil design, otherwise I might be a little embarrassed right now. 😉

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