The BellBoys’ Fall 2010 Debut: “I’ll Be Here All Night”

I’ve written many a press release in my day, but it’s rare that I am THIS PROUD to announce someone else’s project. Here’s all you need to know about The BellBoys’ first full-length album! And here is a video to give you a sense of the bros’ glorious harmonizin’-to-acoustic-guitar-in-a-van vibe.

Praise for The BellBoys and I’ll Be Here All Night:

“These are new songs but they sound like standards, like songs you’ve been hearing all your life. … The record really captures them just the way I experienced them (busking) on the street. It’s not polished to the point where it loses the raw emotion. … They’re not going to be a secret for very long.” — Phonte, The Foreign Exchange, Raleigh, NC

“The most talented, soulful bunch of songwriters I’ve ever heard.” — Gavin Soens, Hives Inquiry Squad, Portland, OR

“I had the privilege of mixing The BellBoys’ new album and was blown away by their raw energy, earthy sound and stellar vocals. You have to hear these guys sing! Three-part harmonies and catchy melodies that simply reach for your soul. Watch out for this band!” Erick Jaskowiak, Nashville, TN

This fall the Portland, Ore.-based quintet The BellBoys are releasing their debut album, I’ll Be Here All Night. The album showcases The BellBoys’ Americana folk-rock sound with shreddin’ guitar work and passionate three-part male harmonies. The independently released album is available for “pay-what-you-want” digital downloads as of Sept. 7, 2010, and in CD form as late fall of 2010, both through

I’ll Be Here All Night offers eleven original songs by The BellBoys’ own Jay Cobb Anderson, Brad Parsons and Mike Winter, whose lyrics explore life with gritty honesty. That trio’s tight, grizzly harmonies and classic, yet tasteful, guitar leads are supported by Keith Simon on upright bass and Tyler Thompson on drums with backup vocals.

As a testament to The BellBoys’ spot-on performance abilities, the band recorded all tracks for I’ll Be Here All Night in just two days. The album was recorded by Matt Stegner at Blackout Studios in Seattle, and was mixed and mastered by Erick Jaskowiak, a Nashville-based engineer, mixer and producer for multiple Grammy-nominated artists.  Already, fans are fawning over the infectious groove of “Somethin’ In My Mind,” the twangy tension of “Caroline,” the loyal lyrics of “Terrorized” and the billowing swagger of “All My Love.” The band also released a self-titled EP in 2009 while busking in rain, sunshine and snow in Portland.

Riding the five-pronged wave of raw energy that its members produce, the band’s recorded sound is as pleasing as its live performances. In little more than a year, The BellBoys have drawn crowds at venues including Portland’s Doug Fir Lounge and Mt. Tabor Theater, Oregon’s Mountain Stomp Festival, and Boise’s Knitting Factory while touring throughout Oregon, Washington, Idaho, Montana and California. The group has also shared the stage and collaborated with The Clumsy Lovers, Four on the Floor, The Shook Twins, Baby Gramps, The Villains, Fruition, Flomotion and Taarka.

The BellBoys are available for booking by writing to For press inquiries, contact Kat Bataillon at 503-477-3521 or Music, video and photos of The BellBoys are at,, and


3 responses to “The BellBoys’ Fall 2010 Debut: “I’ll Be Here All Night”

  1. From Bill Finch, Austin, TX: “We don’t have much modern music that celebrates male harmonies. It is really cool that way. We all love brothers. This band has that.”

  2. As always, so impeccably well-said, Charity. These guys are going places, and it’s exciting to see them getting attention they deserve–thanks, in part, to their amazing publicist!

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