“Wear their book… as a necklace”

My “Back to the Basics” post for Ooligan Press is up today, affirming and reminding writers, publishers and marketers why we all do what we do. My post is kind of like Chicken Soup for the Publishing Marketer’s Soul, and I’m good with that.

The post is based on a quote from one of my favorite Ooligan Books, Classroom Publishing: A Practical Guide for Teachers. In this book’s introduction, Ninive Calegari, former chief executive officer of 826 National, says this of her enthusiasm for her student authors:

I want to wear their book around my neck as a necklace and tell all my friends.

Hell. Yes. That is what the work of marketing is all about, and that’s what my post is all about. The rest of the Ooligan blog is chock-full of resources and insights for writers, publishers, designers, marketers, and teachers, and Ooligan deserves a shout-out for that as well as everything else they do.

Watch for more from my colleagues and I on Ooligan’s Classroom Publishing blog.


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