Sometimes “Justin Bieber” is a bad word

Yesterday while filling in for a pre-school teacher, I was involved in this conversation:

4-year-old Girl: Teacher Charity, _____ said a bad word to me!

Me: What happened? What did she say?

Girl: She said “Justin Bieber.”

Me: (Thinking) Well, I think that’s actually OK. Justin Bieber is a nice boy.

Girl: Nuh-uh! Teacher says, “Justin Bieber has no place in my classroom”!

This girl participated in Justin-Bieber-tattling three times that afternoon, which made me wonder if her friend was really trying to hold a conversation about the pop star, or if she was just sitting next to her muttering his name over and over, like a cousin of everyone’s favorite 3-year-old Bieber fan. (Does anyone else think that girl needs some therapy?)

So there you have it. In some cases, Justin Bieber is a four-letter word. Someday, I hope my young friend will feel really rebellious when she decides to hit the playground shouting, “JUSTIN BIEBER! JUSTIN BIEBER! JUSTIN BIEEEEEEBER!”


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