Mortified Portland on KGW

Can I get a whut-whut for Mortified? Last night our readings got the Portland chapter‘s first-ever standing ovation and we got a live spot on Portland’s KGW TV news.

I’m not sure which of those milestones I’m more proud of, but I do know that this collection of Mortified stories is one of my all-time favorites, and I can’t wait to see our packed-out house tonight.

Here is the KGW video clip, which includes Susan Danehy, Jennifer Coughlin and myself. (The Liz Lemon reference is from my joke that I thought I’d grow up to be Mother Teresa but turned out more like the 30 Rock character. Appropriately awkward!)

Favorite Snapshop Moments of the Night:

  • Signing a Mortified alum’s ankle cast with quotes from the show.
  • Melissa Ooms‘ Biblical language-laden reading made me laugh so hard that I used my inhaler twice.
  • The sense of victory that comes after sharing the worst parts of your adolescence with a crowd of strangers.
  • The realization that our worst teenage moments are an essential part of our lives’ narratives. Even when they’re really bad. Like, Screech-from-Saved-by-the-Bell bad.

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