Clown business

At work these days we’re in the thick of planning an upcoming outdoor festival. One of my tasks was to track down someone to do kids’ entertainment, like balloon tying or juggling or what have you.

A woman recently visited our office to promote her clown work on our cable channels. So I decided to call her about the festival. Her name is Grandma Bubbles.

Turns out Grandma Bubbles couldn’t make it to the event, so she recommended I call one of her colleagues, Gentle Biff. I dialed the number she gave me and got a recorded greeting:

“Hi, this is Mike. Please leave a message.”

Uhhh… what do I do with this? Is Mike a clown? Is this the right number? I had no choice but to jump into the kiddie pool of uncertainty. My message went like this, in a very professional voice:

“Hello Mike, my name is Charity and I’m leaving a message for Gentle Biff per the recommendation of Grandma Bubbles. We have a business opportunity coming up for you and would like a call back…”

It’s pretty hard to sound professional when you’re leaving a message for a clown. But maybe I shouldn’t have worried about it? Maybe I should have given myself a clown name too? How about Señorita Freckles? What’s the protocol here?

If this were a podcast I would sign off with a honky-plastic-red-nose sound.


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