David Blaine

At the risk of sounding ridiculous (which I just realized happens all the time to me, so it’s not really a risk) I am officially announcing that I SAW DAVID BLAINE THE MAGICIAN AT THE AIRPORT! Twice! Yesterday!

The first time I saw him he was walking through a hallway at the Chicago airport. At this point I only THOUGHT he might be David Blaine. Then I saw him again when I was sitting on the floor eating a panini. I was too tired and too chicken to walk up to him and be like, “So are you totally David Blaine or what?” so I just sat there and accidentally stared at him a little too long. He stared back for a second, but it wasn’t like a romantic-movie-moment in an airport. It was more like, “Who the hell was just staring at me?” moment. His glance-back was pretty intense, actually, which was one of the things that told me he must be the Magician. Everything he did had so much intensity and energy that it was clear he was either Magic or Famous… or both.

Still don’t believe me? What if I tell you he was wearing baggy black jeans and a faded black T-shirt, just like he always does on TV? That’s ample proof right there! I wish I could say I saw him levitate through the halls of the Chicago O’Hare International Airport, but I didn’t. But I still believe it was him. And if you don’t believe me, I’ll telepathically ask him to levitate on your porch or magically steal your wallet or whatever it is that he’s famous for.


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