Chosen by way of barbecue sauce

This weekend I was eating barbecued chicken INSIDE a restaurant and was stung by a bee on the BOTTOM of my foot WHILE I was wearing shoes.

How does this happen?

Apparently, it happens when you drip tasty barbecue sauce on your foot. Just a small dribble is enough to invite a bumblebee inside a restaurant to taste your foot. And if you taste really good, it might nestle itself inside the space between your shoe and the arch of your foot. And if you feel something strange inside your shoe and try to pull it out, the bee will sting you. Then you will yelp rather loudly in the restaurant and everyone in the (somewhat empty) place will come to your table to inspect your foot, including the restaurant owner. You will be glad you painted your toenails this week. And one of your friends will prove her devotion to you by pulling the stinger out of your foot while your boyfriend gets vengeance on the bee by squishing it under his sandal outside. And it’s all because of barbecue sauce.

While I’m on the subject, isn’t it strange that a bee decided I was worth ending his life over? Any time I get stung I feel like I’ve been part of a dramatic decision. A bee only gets one chance to sting someone, and when it does, that’s usually the end. I hope it was worth it.


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